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From the horses mouth...

Dr Daniel Couch - MB ChB MBA PhD MRCS - 

"It was shown that CBD in experimental settings can prevent inflammation in muscles and joints, the skin, in the brain, the intestine and colon.

CBD has been shown in pre-clinical experiments to be effective in reducing pain, improving sleep and reduce seizure activity in epilepsy."

Kim - Menopause

"The key ingredient to my now calmer, no hot flushes menopause has been taking CBD. My routine of 2 drops under the tong as I get into bed has given me a peaceful night’s sleep.  I no longer wake 2 or 3 times during the night hot, sticky, uncomfortable and with a racing heart.

I also take a few drops after breakfast to ensure that whatever the day may bring, it won’t be a hot flush."

Joe - Arthritis

"I really noticed a difference. The pain from arthritis in my hands, back, neck and pelvis makes it difficult to sleep (particularly because I sleep on my side). I have to say how much my sleep has improved since using your oil.

As for my nerve pain, whilst taking the drops I had no shooting pains at all, but a week without the drops, the shooting pains and the numbness returned with vengeance. Thankfully I now have more CBD oil so after just two days, the pain has virtually gone."


Dr Daniel Couch and Dr Lizzie Elsey have recorded a series of short films talking about CBD and Cannabis.
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