CBD Oil – How Much Should I Take? CBD Oil – How Much Should I Take?

CBD Oil – How Much Should I Take?

CBD Oil – How Much Should I Take? CBD Oil – How Much Should I Take?

A question that we often get asked is how much CBD oil should be used. Although CBD amount instructions are included with every package of our CBD oil, this is intended for guidance only and the best measure is, and always will be, your own body. 

How much CBD Oil should you take?

To take the right amount of oil you should listen to your body as the correct CBD dosage differs per person. This is caused by the fact that every person has a different weight.

It's best to start with a small amount of CBD and then slightly increase this dosage until the amount feels right for you. You must listen to your body

How much CBD Oil should I take? | The Cannabis Oil Company

How to use your CBD Oil

Our CBD Oil is designed to be taken orally, twice a day, by placing the CBD oil under the tongue and holding it there for 2-3 minutes.

Please note: The CBD oil has a strong, earthy taste. Should this not be to your taste we would recommend taking a glass of water after the dosage, if necessary.

How to store your CBD Oil

Our CBD Oil is best kept in a dark and cool place, for instance in the refrigerator. 

Advice for new users

CBD oil is generally well tolerated by all consumers; however, some consumers may experience reactions to the other ingredients. Please check the ingredients list before commencing use of any Cannabis Oil Company products.

We strongly advise that CBD Oil is not used by those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, those with a history of liver disease, consumers who have had previous reactions to CBD Oil products and children.