Interview With Dr Dan Couch Interview With Dr Dan Couch

Interview With Dr Dan Couch

Interview With Dr Dan Couch Interview With Dr Dan Couch

At TCOC we aren't just interested in what makes our customers tick, we want you to be able to know our team too! With this in mind we are conducting a series of interviews with our team.

We have started our series of interviews with Dr Daniel Couch, our resident medical advisor....

NameDr Daniel Couch MB ChB MBA PhD MRCS

Position in TCOCMedical Advisor

What first interested you about CBD?

I really wanted to be able to treat Crohn’s Disease, which is an incredibly dehumanising disease with a very limited treatment profile. Often the drugs to treat Crohn’s Disease are quite bad for the patients and have many negative side effects. During my research I stumbled across CBD, and then spent about 4 years researching CBD to treat Crohn’s in patients and in laboratories.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions about CBD industry in your opinion?

There’s quite a few, firstly the whole THC/CBD question of “is it going to get you high?”. Because of the link to Cannabis it can be seen as a “dirty drug”. There’s also a huge misconception that CBD doesn’t do anything (or is a placebo drug) which isn’t true, you just have to get the preparation right. Once the preparation of CBD is right, then it has a great effect.

What would you tell someone who has never tried CBD products before?

I would say start small, whether you’re using CBD for anxiety, sleeplessness or any other reason and of course; always talk to your doctor first.

What CBD products have you seen on the market that have made you laugh, confused you or intrigued you?

I’ve seen some rather strange CBD products around recently. One thing that I have seen that raised an eyebrow was CBD pessaries (author note: they go into a lady’s….private area) and I’m not entirely sure what the reasoning for that was. I also saw a CBD lipstick – not sure about that one either! It’s the same with the CBD water that I’ve seen, I’m not sure how that works or how that will be of use to anyone as it’s a liposoluble drug, but there we are.

CBD Vaporiser pens and inhalers are something I find quite interesting.

Which claims about CBD have you seen that amaze, confuse or even outrage you?

There’s a lot of CBD hysteria and wild claims on the internet about CBD curing cancer, that it can bring people back from the dead or cure terrorism. I get quite angry about these claims, as it’s important to be careful that the positive effects of CBD aren’t washed out by snake oil salesman or people making up ludicrous claims about CBD.

Do you use CBD personally or know someone who uses CBD?

I don’t use CBD personally as I feel like I’m personally rather fit and healthy. My mother in law does use CBD to help with sleeplessness and she finds it extremely effective. A few of my wife’s friends have used CBD when they’ve got young children to help them (the parents not the children!) with the sleepless nights and tiredness.

Is there a particular use for CBD that you’re the most excited to explore?  

I’m interested in any way that CBD can be used, but I’d say mainly Crohn’s Disease, Epilepsy and Irritable Bowel Disease. I’d also be interested in how CBD could be used to treat sepsis.

Why did you choose to work with The Cannabis Oil Co over other CBD Oil companies?

TCOC want to get it right first time, as a company they have a lot of integrity and don’t just want to sell a load of crappy drugs to patients to make money. They are committed to producing high quality CBD Oil products.

Which TCOC Clinical Trials are you looking forward to?

Well it would be good to get the Epilepsy trials off the ground, and if we could it would be good to do a clinical trial for Crohn’s Disease.